How We Get You in the Best Shape of Your Life


Analyze Your Goal

In order to get you exactly where you want to be, we listen! Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, or just keep your body healthy, we listen to exactly what you want, where you’re starting from, and where you want to be.


Customize A Plan

Say goodbye to generic, repetitive workouts forever because our evolving, dynamic plans are custom tailored to exactly what you need to continue moving towards your goals without plateau!


Train In A Positive Environment

Surround yourself with likeminded, positive, and friendly individuals in a clean, energetic facility for maximum mindfulness while training. Feel good while getting in the best shape of your life.


Achieve Greatness

Wild Bill’s ability to insightfully see exactly what you need, push you exactly as much as you need, and customize the perfect plan will help you chisel out your dream body.

 Wild Bill

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Professional Mixed Martial Arts Champion
Free Fitness Consultation


Wild Bill is a former Mixed Martial Arts Champion and an enthusiastic, down to earth, and professional fitness coach. He’s been involved in fitness since 2013, and continues to passionately help other people find happiness with their fitness. 

Bill won’t just help you with your workout …. He will help you create a new lifestyle. With 14 years of culinary experience, Bill can help you with a diet to coincide with your new workout regimen. Reaching and retaining your fitness goals will be an easy, fun and exciting adventure with Wild Bill spearheading your workouts.

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