New! Civilian Tactical Training (CTT) course – What is C-Tach?

It’s part self-defense, part psychology, part martial arts – all self-protection. Think of it as a holistic approach to safety in a variety of surroundings. Instead of waiting until you’re in a life or death situation to take action, CTT incorporates proactive and reactive elements like:

  • Self-awareness to identify and change your own potentially risky habits
  • Situational awareness to recognize pre-violence indicators in others
  • Understanding the predatory mindset and criminal profile
  • Tactics to disengage and de-escalate

Practical Grappling for the Street: Ground fighting and grappling can be crucial in real-life altercations. This System places a strong emphasis on practical grappling techniques specifically tailored for self-defense situations. Our training provides you with the necessary skills to defend yourself both standing up and on the ground, preparing you for a range of scenarios.

Family Protection: Your family’s safety is a top priority. Here we will talk about how to go beyond individual self-defense by teaching you strategies and techniques to protect your loved ones. Whether it’s implementing effective home security measures or developing family-oriented defense plans, our training ensures you are equipped to safeguard your family in various settings.

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